We appreciate that there’s a level of anxiety and uncertainty, both amongst couples who have invested a lot of time, love and money into their celebrations, and also among suppliers and small businesses who will face significant losses in terms of income should the situation worsen.

So, the first thing we want to do is offer complete reassurance that, until our hands are forced by government decisions, it’s business as usual.

The second thing we would like to do is share our business continuity plan with you all, so you can see how we plan to mitigate any potential risks.
Essentially, the contract we have in place still stands, but here’s a little elaboration on three main points.

Risks to our own health:
We have yet to cancel a wedding due to our own ill health.  Although we are all super fit and healthy here at Sharp Photography, we will also be doing our best to practice social distancing in the run-up to the wedding season.
Being self-employed and working from home means that we are already at a bit of an advantage here, if we are not shooting a wedding we are locked away indoors. We will be keeping social activity to what is purely necessary.
We will, of course, be following official advice, and maintaining high levels of hygiene at all times.

What if we do get Ill?
We are always well prepared here at Sharp Photography. We have always had back-ups in place if the worst comes to the worse. Fortunately we have yet to ever use them. But rest assured they are people who work with us regularly and shoot to the same high standard that we do.
I’m now in a network with several Photographers who I know personally, and we’re all ready to shoot for each other if necessary.
I’ve hand-picked people that have shot with me before and are familiar with our style and brand values.
We will shoot according to each other’s brief/specifications, and then all editing will be handled in house to ensure that everything stays on brand.

What if the wedding has to be cancelled and re-scheduled:
Our priority will be to make sure that we can still honour our commitment, no matter what. We will work with you to look at alternative dates at no extra cost. Even if that means working longer runs of weddings in a row and putting in the extra graft.
In the unlikely event that your new date falls on a date where I’m already booked, then couples are still protected by the contract we have in place, and I will arrange for one of my hand-selected shooters to capture the footage for me. I will then handle the editing to ensure a consistent level of service and that everything remains on brand.

As well as delivering a professional service and a high-end quality product, clear, honest and friendly communication is one of our core values when it comes to the relationship between Sharp Photography and its clients. Although we are extremely confident that we’ll all get through this together, and we are hoping that weddings will remain unaffected, if there are any particular concerns, then we are always here for a chat.

In the event that venues are forced to close or not host large social gatherings the quicker we speak the better. Communication between us is the key to resolving any issues as quickly and stress free as possible. And rest assured that we will do as much as we can to ensure we all get the best outcome.  

Craig Sharp

Sharp Photography